I like to read, a lot. I wasn’t always this way though. My parents are both vivacious readers, reading several books a week coupled with their favorite magazines. Growing up we watched very little television. I’m glad this was the case. However, while growing up I hated it. I thought it was so boring to sit and read and I didn’t see the enjoyment in it that my mother and father did. However, as I’ve gotten older I’ve learned to love reading.

USA Today recently ran an article about Bible reading plans and resolutions. The truth is that we live in a post-book society. Podcasts, e-books, and books on tape/cd are slowly but surely replacing printed books. Many Christian literature companies have exploited this trend by providing the Bible on cd and in other electronic formats. Either way, we Christians admit that the Bible is big. It’s a somewhat daunting task to read through the entire Bible. There are parts of the Bible that assume we have knowledge about certain customs, cultures, and history that we may not have. There are prophecies that are hard to understand on first glance. However, this is not sufficient enough reason or excuse to not read the Bible. There is no other book you’ll ever pick up that is as important as the Bible.

So, why not read the Bible through in 2010. You can Google reading plans and find several different formats. Some read straight through from Genesis to Revelation, some combine Old Testament readings with New Testament readings and Psalms. I prefer the latter approach, where I’m reading the Old Testament, Psalms/Proverbs, and the New Testament all at once. I find that this helps me to read something “fresh” every day. Whatever works for you is the route you should pursue but for goodness sake, pursue one! Our society, including Christians, are very biblically illiterate. This is a shame. You want to grow closer to your God? Read his word, it’s a gift and not a right.