Martin Luther, the great Protestant Reformer, had what he called a theologia crucis, or “theology of the cross”. Luther claimed that God can best be understood and experienced in those things that seem utterly natural or even mundane. It’s often difficult to look around us and see dirty dishes that need to be washed, housework that needs to be completed, and a mounting pile of work that needs to be finished and think, “Thank you God for being here with me.” In fact, God becomes the furthest thing from our conscience. But our thinking is flawed. Consider this fact, Jesus chose to reveal his glory not in earthly kingdoms, wealth, or power, but in a foolish, disgraceful cross. As Jesus hung bleeding, half naked from that cross, enduring ridicule, cursing, and slander…he was beautiful and omnipotent.

Look at the dirt that gathers under your fingernails when you work outside or even in your home. Our fingernails give us better grip, power, and can be used as tools. They serve a purpose. God gave us fingernails because he loves us (see if that will preach). So when we’re working with our hands and they become messy, we can see the intricacy of God’s creation. The same God that created the universe and sustains the heavens also gave me fingernails so I can open a Coca Cola, scratch an itch, or dig in the dirt. Thank you God for the dirt under my fingernails.